Birthday or GIG ?

Birthday or GIG ?

Saturday 11th of February was actually my birthday … and I was debating to celebrate it or not.  Well, a friend rang and asked for my so called “expertise” as an audio engineer hehehe… to help set-up his live sound.  It was basically a gig he organized but I didn’t told him that day was my birthday.  So, birthday or gig?  I did both… hahaha… it was cool as only 10 people turned up and we had to eat all the food he prepared,  there was lots of them.  He prepared food enough to feed 60-80 guests that night at Monton Hotel in Eccles, Salford. Guess what ?  in total there were only about 20 people there in that pre-valentine disco party.

The Live Sound set-up.

This friend of mine bought an unknown powered mixer from the Philippines when he had his holiday last December without telling me about it.  Brought it to UK and was really excited about it coz according to him it was really dead cheap.  10 channels powered mixer with usb and effects processor built-in for about 80 quid. It was really a steal.  So it was working when it arrived in UK now, when the gig was on we set it up with a  pair of active alto 200 watts RMS PA speakers he bought from PMT in Manchester.  I never knew about it really that he’s been buying stuff and not even asking me as we both had planned to make another live sound set-up together.  Well, connected both speakers from the mixer mains output didn’t work.  Mixer was broken.  “This happens when you don’t listen to an honest advice from a friend” who at least got some knowledge about live sound well I’ve been gigging for few years now.  That was a waste of mixer and time.  So to cut this story short… we ended up ringing another friend nearby for a small 4 channel mixer which when we connected it to the speakers one side (left) was humming… one of his brand new speakers was humming … it was a nightmare that disco party… mixer didnt work, speakers were humming loudly, not enough people turned up, no reverb whatsoever for the karaoke coz the peavey 4 channel mixer didn’t have them, and we have to swap cables each time we had a performer to accomodate two wireless mics, a stereo karaoke input, a guitar amp input and etc.

The saddest part was that I didn’t get even a share of the collection as it was a loss.  My consolation was I had some food to bring home and a piece of cake to celebrate my birthday myself.  So, birthday or GIG ?  I did both…


One response to “Birthday or GIG ?

  1. Awww – Happy (belated) Birthday! Sounds like an interesting night 🙂

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