Website I’ve Designed

The Homebrewers UK ( A Website I've designed for a client)

This was a website I’ve designed for a client “the Homebrewers” a group of hobbyist and musicians in the Birchvale District of the Peak District.  Basically, the website is a combination of XHTML, CSS, PhP, some Javascript and database stuff.  Coded using notepad from scratch.  Took me loads for sleepless nights to create but I guess the client was happy about the outcome.

Basically, we have a homepage, a history page, our produce, our pics, our music, news and festivals page as the group hold annual beer tasting festival in a small scale as well as a local produce festival.  There is a forum for sharing of informations and recipes and a join us and contact us link if you like to contact the Homebrewers UK.  Also, if you like to get updates from them feel free to use the contact form to be added to its database.  Lastly, a paypal donations page has been linked as an example for people who insist on donating for the annual event.

See what you think of my design and please leave a comment about it….. cheers


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