Evangel Ric Lapore

Ric’s Signal Processor

Here’s the story behind this … Music Technology project to design a signal processor using SynC… SynC is a freeware and is one powerful software synth creator.

Ric’s Signal Processor is a very straight forward multi-module signal processor in software design.  With easy to use control panel including frames and global presets based on the laboratory exercises done for the module Music Technology Systems employing feedback, chorus, flanging, reverb and simple delay processing without distortion.

The main signal processor panel design above contains various selectable global presets twelve (12) altogether as well as switchable audio oscillators including white noise and a sampled sound of a drum kit loop.  This has been employed in order to emphasize and give more examples of the effect of signal processing to a specific audio signal.

There are four (4) same set of selectable and switchable processors  giving more flexibility in choosing…

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