Ambisonic Listening Test at The Anechoic Chamber at Salford University

Listening Tests at the Anechoic Chamber at Newton Building Salford Uni Studios

Doing a listening test inside the anechoic chamber at Salford University, Manchester, UK… you should try this…

What actually happened here was that this Chinese Msc Student on the Audio Technology course was going in and out the recording studios at Newton Building.  Well, as we have Studio A, Studio B, Studio C and Studio D and beside it was the acoustics labs which has 3 anechoic chambers.  Basically, when you go inside this chambers you are like floating in a sort of metal mess with all these big cones or foams as absorbers for the sound waves when doing tests inside.  So, this Chinese student was doing all his tests and waiting for his subject who unfortunately didn’t turn up.  Maybe he thought I was Chinese and spoke straight Chinese to me saying hi … hello… I said, I’m not Chinese man but what you doing here by the way?  he said, would you mind doing the Ambisonic Test with me I need somebody who will help me out here… I’ve been waiting for my subject but he didn’t turn up. Hmmmm… so I said, there’s nothing to loose really on my end … what’s about 30minutes of my time to experience this ambisonic soundscape and learn at the same time help out this Msc student.   So, went inside did the test and he played a set of dialogues and sound on each monitor which was actually positioned all over surrounding me not just like a 5.1 set up but much more complicated than that.  Then I have to rate the quality of the sound I am getting from each speaker source.  Even the BBC’s Research and Development Departments been investigating this and doing some more research on the Ambisonic Soundscape… I’ll put some more information here when I get more from the masters… the Professors specializing on ambisonic soundscape…


2 responses to “Ambisonic Listening Test at The Anechoic Chamber at Salford University

  1. It’s great isn’t it? Are you a regular test subject? I haven’t done one in ages – never now i’m at MC… need to pop in again soon.

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