Avantone, Auratone, Behritone together + AKG LSM 50 Below

Avantone Mixcubes, Auratone 5c, Behritone C5a

Thanks to Justin Colletti for the pics…

There you go folks…  if you want a 2nd reference monitor for you future studio set up… then check these lots out… the Avantone Mixcubes (passive and active versions), the Legendary Auratone 5C, the Behritone C5a and C50a, as well as the said clones for the auratones the AKG LSM50’s.  You can’t miss one of them in top studio outfits in the world.

link here… http://justincolletti.com/2012/01/28/auratones-avantones-and-behritones/

Well folks… been reading about them again today and somebody at gearslutz got their pair of these babies… and the guy was blown away with what he didn’t expect from Behringer… he said, ” really good transient response” and the mids were 1-3 khz are really focused… in effect one will be able to mix on them properly.  This is basically great news even to me and that I will be getting a pair soon as I get my pay…  Good news !!!


12 responses to “Avantone, Auratone, Behritone together + AKG LSM 50 Below

  1. G. Konstantinidis

    What’s the special thing with that cube speakers?

    • They are your choices for a 2nd reference monitor… not your main monitor speakers ok.. and the behritone is the cheapest you can get

    • Hey George, you should check them out mate… they are cool and you know … I hear both good and bad things about Behringer but to me for the price you pay for what they put out in the market its good for the pocket mate… gonna sort out your interview soon ok..

    • these cubes are designed to be 2nd reference monitors … just like mono radios… you mix with them coz there are people whos got mono radios and dont use hi tech stuff just when they need it.. so these monitors are good monitors for small speaker systems mixing output

  2. Hey, thanks for helping to get the word out. But it would be nice to provide a link to the original article if you’re going to re-post the photo. It can be found here:
    Or here:


  3. Awesome, thanks for that!

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