Avantone Mixcubes

Avantone Mixcubes from the Legendary Auratone C5

One needs to understand the thinking behind the Auratone 5c inorder to understand why these speakers were developed.  Same as why the Behritones and AKG LSM50’s were developed.

“A great second reference to see how your mixes will play on non-hi-fi systems.” SOS


  • 5.25″ Shielded Passive Full range 8 ohm drivers
  • 6 1/2″ Cube Cabinet with multiple coats of “Retro-Cream” High Gloss lacquer finish
  • Precision-milled high-rigidity MDF cabinet sides & baffle for low resonance
  • Radiused corners & edges reduce edge diffraction for better imaging
  • Custom Cone is crafted using New Zealand pulp with mica fibers added for light weight & rigidity
  • Cloth surround made in Japan to uniform thickness tolerances
  • Top Plate and T-Yoke of driver are made of Sumitomo 1008 low carbon steel
  • The 43oz. low distortion motor structure magnets are Y- 40 GRADE (MIL-SPEC)
  • High-Rigidity DIE-CAST Aluminum frame with polished mounting bezel
  • Nickel Plated “high-end” binding posts (properly spaced for dual banana plugs) – insulated for CE compliance
  • Anodized aluminum milled terminal plate
  • 1/4″ soft Neoprene Pad is recessed into the cabinet base to serve as a non-skid acoustic isolator
  • Standard size (5/8″- 27 threading) female microphone stand mount is built into the cabinet base


System Type
Dynamic Shielded Full-Range Pair

Frequency Response
90Hz – 17,000Hz (useful musical range)

Nominal 8 ohms

SPL / Sensitivity
93dB @ 1w / 1 meter

Recommended Power
From 10-200 watts

5.25″ cast aluminum frame
Cabinet sealed / 18mm MDF / Dacron acoustical stuffing

3-way CE rated plastic encased metal binding posts (accepts up to 12-gauge wire, spade lugs, dual banana plugs)

6 lbs 11 oz (per speaker)

165mm x 165mm x 165mm (6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ in)

from  :  Avantone Pro . com


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