Allen Heath and Brennell AHB System 8

AHB System 8 Analog Mixer

This is my baby… it’s still in excellent condition considering it’s age which came about in 1983… This is the Mark II version 24 channels EQ’s and Pre-amp’s great sounding.  I got this from a guy who used to own a recording studio in London and decided to have a career change… it’s an M-Audio now…  hahaha

The System 8 mixers were a very popular desk as they were quite price-breaking at the time of release (82/83 for the first series), and quickly found a home in many studio’s and pa systems offering quality facilities in a non-modular format, built in meter-bridge and more.

Don’t think cos they are old they are not as ‘good’ as a modern mixer, the eq on these mixers is SO sweet, really really warm and fat, and tracks mixed on this desk seem to have really good definition…

System 8’s are not small! – so you need a bit of space… but then that to me is half their charm, you get a big working area, with plenty of space between channels and nice chunky pots… all is laid out clearly and working with one is a breeze, they are VERY easy to understand for the newbies too because you don’t have any cryptic routing & switching modes like found on so many compact modern mini-mixers!

Ok, so that’s my experience of this mixer series, and i would not hesitate to use one again as a front-end for a PC digital system nowadays if I had the space. They might be a tad noisier (on paper) that a modern ‘mini/compact’ mixer, but the sound!!… the sound is so so sweet! – These would be perfect also for anyone seeking to setup a budget/midrange classic analog style studio to accompany a 16 track. (or it’d be cracking to use with a couple of sync’d ADAT’s too!

Another cool thing is the extention module which like the earlier Studiomaster mixers from this period allowed you to bolt-on an additional 8 channels. The add-on module is rare tho, but you might be lucky to find one included with the original desk! – Also these mixers could be cascaded together to link two! – quite an inovative mixer at the time and when it came out as i say it was a real blockbuster seller offering superb sound and pro facilities at a cost-concious price. You might have seen these in budget 16 track studio’s with mebbe an old Soundcraft Saturn or Brennel mini-8 or Tascam 8 track tape deck or whatever.

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  1. Looking to buy another A&H System 8 Mk III, need to rework mine and need another one to keep things running. Please contact Randy at thanks.

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