Studio Monitors (Behritone C5A)

Behritone C5A (£150 a pair)

They have definitely come up with a version of the classic Auratones 5c.  Have you heard of them?  well, they were i guess the studio monitors before the discontinued Yamaha NS10’s became a hit in most recording studios in the past.  “horrotones” they say, as they were not designed for mixing but as a 2nd or 3rd reference.  “worst case scenario listening for your mixes…” anyway… almost same age as them in EU i guess was the AKG LSM 50’s then recently the Avantone Mixcubes both passive and active versions. Then this one… its a great buy i guess for the purpose.  Whatever mixes you have which translate good on them will translate good in other systems… what do you think ?   Bargain for £150 an active pair.


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