In the Studio with Paul Sayer

Studio A Salford University, Newton Building

Studio A Salford University, Manchester

We just had our Studio Production session with Paul Sayer… He is the man !

Well everybody’s got their own opinion of somebody but I’ve seen him play with the keys… this may be different from Studio Production but being a musician is not enough one would have learned the technical side of things to make his/her sound… much better.  Years of experience in the field is very complex and it’s the best teacher.  A live musician always ends up in the studio… you will not just be a live musician for life,  you will become an all-in-one or a ONE MAN BAND at some point.  From making tunes to making films from playing the piano to guitar to drums…. and even singing… from studio production to live sound engineering… from video to websites … and marketing and sales to business and promotions… so,  as a musician myself I know … and i can tell …

Even Quincy Jones said,

” Musical training is not enough”. When Quincy Jones utters these words before adding, “the conscious mind is full of shit”, who are we to argue? After all, he is the genius behind landmark works performed by Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson and hundreds of thousands of football fans every week. In this exclusive interview, Jones talks to Music Week about the finer points of music production.  from

Paul Sayer has got something for students and learners an experience which spans for years…I’ve seen him play and I’ve attended his sessions people might disagree but it takes one to know one… it takes a musician to know another… and as a keyboard player which was in the band too for some years like Paul Sayer I know what He’s got… and what He can offer …   He is the man… No doubt… experience is a treasure and knowledge one cannot copy but only can ask from a tutor… it’s priceless and only comes as a gift to be shared and to be received…

as musicians always say….  MUSICIANS NEVER GROW OLD… THEY JUST FADE AWAY… true and for me a composers footsteps lives and will be alive for ever … he will always be a tune to remember from generations to generations that  comes … a legend of his own … Thanks Sir Paul Sayer …  Ciao !!!


6 responses to “In the Studio with Paul Sayer

  1. Come on Ric – everyone knows Paul Sayer does not know a thing about studio production, He is a complete bullshitter

  2. Yeah, but don’t you ever crave of doing live music again? (Sorry, this has nothing to do with Paul Sayer) I haven’t reached the level in music industry where you are now. I’d been gigging live but left the fun to try another level, songwriting. But somehow, a part of me craves to do live music again. Have you ever felt this way, yourself?

  3. It will always be there… so do it sometimes when you get the chance… but hmmm… there’s a lot more to do and not enough time… all I can say I guess is follow your heart… if that makes you happy then do it… no point doing something you dont even enjoy… for now… I love being in the studio and making things happen… the creative mind is at work as well as the technical mind… also, if you get the chance to learn more don’t stop knowledge is never ending and it will take you to a very interesting journey… somewhere you haven’t even gone to… thanks folks…

    • I understand your view. I guess, that’s because you have proven something already. I haven’t, I’m afraid. That’s why my will is still focused on that direction. But I think I will follow your path. I can see the wisdom behind what you do. I’ve told you, I intended to pursue another level but I got stuck with songwriting and I haven’t reached that stage yet where people in the whole world can listen to my music. Perhaps, when I achieve that, I am gonna need your expertise to pursue the next level. Who knows, I might be a useful partner to you to bring the new technology to our homeland.

  4. true brother… as what I’ve said follow your heart…we can bring that new technology really in our homeland… properly trained audio engineers very scarce in the Philippines. I mean those who can teach and qualified to teach… and there’s no Audio Engineering School there.. there’s only two but Recording Arts…not the science… BA and not the BSC. I really hope we can lift that … I need a building.. hahaha

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